Probate & Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process in which a person makes advance arrangements to transfer her assets after her death and to provide guidance to survivors on resolving her unsettled personal matters. It usually involves preparing a will and other documents with the advice of such professionals as attorneys, financial planners and accountants.

A will is a written or oral communication by a person stating how they want their property disposed of at death. Before you prepare a will, you should understand that all wills must meet certain general requirements guided by both state law.


Estate Administration

After a person dies, his estate often goes through probate, the process in which an executor consolidates a decedent’s assets and uses them to pay debts, taxes and probate expenses. Survivors then receive remaining assets according to the terms of a will or state law.


What is Probate

Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone dies and a special division of Ohio courts. The probate process typically includes the following steps:

1. Proving in court the deceased person’s will is valid.
2. Identifying all the deceased person’s property.
3. Having the property appraised.
4. Paying any debts and taxes.
5. Distributing the property as the deceased person’s will directs


E. Hanlin Bavely can prepare the right will for you so that your wishes will be carried out according to your estate plan as well as assist your heirs in liquidating your estate properly under the laws of the State of Ohio.

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