Free Consultation

Your free 15 minute initial telephone consultation will be with Attorney E. Hanlin Bavely, and you will be entitled to a conference with this attorney and not a paralegal or staff person.  If you decide after our telephone consultation to proceed, we will set up an office conference, and Mr. Bavely will interview you.  Once he better understands your needs, he will quote a fee for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  If a Chapter 13 proceeding is the direction you need to take, he will explain to you how you pay those fees as part of the plan, and he will explain the costs which are set by the court system.

What to bring to your first office conference:

● an up-to-date creditor which consists of: the name and accurate address of the creditor; the account number for the creditor, especially if it’s a credit card; a description of what the debt arises from; and the amount, accurate as possible, of what you owe.  You are required by law to list all of your creditors, even if it is a creditor, for example, you don’t what to know that you have filed bankruptcy, relatives, or debts relating to “things you want to keep.”  Mr. Bavely can show you how you can keep property in bankruptcy, but you have to schedule the creditor.

● titles for any motor vehicles you own – this includes motorcycles, boats, mobile homes, etc.

● lease documents for any motor vehicle you lease

● recorded copies of all mortgages and deeds for any real estate you own

● paycheck stubs (called pay advices) for the sixty days before the month in which we have our conference

● any other documents you believe will help me understand you financial affairs, including divorce decree/child support documents and property settlement agreements

● Federal and state tax returns for the two years preceding our conference.

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